Gambling Addiction

Why do I gambled all my money

Loss is a thing this is very difficult to get explained. Statistically, this loss can be also determined as luck, which has many ups and downs. It is unimaginable no one can predict when it going to happen. Everything will be a workout as to how it should get the end.

Gamblers sink on the increasing sum of money their full efforts to win. For most people, gambling is enjoyable and harmless, but in others point of view, it is destructive as like being addicted to drugs. The addiction to gambling will ruin lives and it completely takes into the world of emptiness.

Reason for loss

The first level – losing what the things you can afford

The gamblers first step will be this they are ready to afford anything at that point to continue the game, they forget that there is an equal chance for heavy loss. In some ways, they are ready to accept that loss because they know the reason for the loss.

At this level, you are happy about losing the money that you can afford.  At this stage, they used to say I have gambled all my money.

gambled my money

Influence of casino

The casinos are highly furnished, the people once get into gambling it is difficult to come out it. The casinos are designed to attract the player into their comfortable and sophisticated attitude; this encourages them to bet more than the previous day.

Second level – Loss more than they afford

Here they lose the money that they cannot actually afford and this will make you unhappy and frustrated or worse cause them serious problems. This level of loss is nothing to do with statistical variance and everything that do with human emotions only and human belief.

It always because of our emotion only, we are tempted to bet more than we are happy with and this is considered as the real loss it can be experienced if we gambled irresponsibly. This type of loss is negative, destructive and born because of one’s irresponsibility. It is important to avoid our emotions and ego to be safe from this gambling activity. This will be one of the main reasons for losing money.

losing the money

The third level of loss

Some of them believe that the game is purely based on luck. If this mentality is applied to life would not get far but yet in gambling we can gain something without any effort. It is just a lucky guess and it can easily give you greedy very quickly. In the third level losing money gambling is most serious of all, it is only extreme of the second level but this level is only driven by luck over a long period of time.

In this level, the gamblers are ready to afford their friendship, family, job and anything else in life. When gambling takes away the money it can regain but this level takes over something very much deeper than are emotionally connected. It levels just completely ruins one’s life.

Final thoughts

Gambling can be a game that gives fun until winning when it crosses the third level the life will be ruined. When the loss becomes serious you will be lost all money gambling and so don’t allow them to spoil your life.