Gambling in South Africa

Is there a gambling addiction in RSA

Gambling is not a financial problem but an illness. This starts just like fun and further turns into compulsive and stressful behavior. This will infect the mental, physical and spiritual health of the person and make you face many consequences. The main disadvantage in it is, it will make your mind to get lost and create more negative vibrations. This causes a devastating explosion towards family as well as relationships.

No all gamblers will have an addict towards gambling while some are addicted to it beyond their life. Gambling addiction in RSA has come from a far way since 1994.

This habit can be arrested but it cannot be cured with a short time. The compulsive gambling is of 3 phases they are:

  • Losing
  • Desperation
  • Winning

When you get addicted to gambling there will be the involvement of both social and economic cost. When a problem occurs in South Africa gambling you can report to the South Africa gambling problem committee. There are some of the symptoms involved when gambling gets addicted to a person. The person might feel the following symptoms:

  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Blood pressure
  • Tension in muscles
  • Depression
  • Headache
  • Upset

People who are addicted to gambling do not concentrate on their daily work because they will think of how to win in their upcoming bet. They will be physically present but mentally absent. They will also think about where they can get money in some cases they will involve in criminal cases too for money.

Due to the gambling addiction in the South Africa there are 16,000 gamblers are getting council.


There won’t be only one reason to enter into gambling. There are three things which can be seen in the addicts:

  • Complete ignorance of the willingness to accept reality.
  • Immaturity which lead to the unwillingness to accept the responsibilities and to grow.
  • Some gamblers will lose the game to punish themselves.

compulsive gambling


Compulsive gambling starts in male during the early stage itself but it starts later in the female. Some people will get fascinated at their stating time but for some people, the exposure time will gradually increase they can reach height only they get a big win.

People who get addicted to it would have got a big win in the initial stage of their gambling experience. The gamblers define gambling as:

  • Slight or insignificant
  • betting


There is no any special ways to treat the addict. But it can be treated in many ways by knowing the need of the person will help you to bring the addict out of gambling.

There is another way it is essential when the person acknowledges the illness and has an idea to stop and step out of the addiction.

In the past people having compulsive gambling will never have an idea to gamble again even in small scale.

Bottom line:

Make use of this information and get rid off from the gambling addiction. Hope you have understood the tips that are mentioned in the above article.