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Tanzania Online Gambling Restrictions & Regulation: Is it Legal to Bet in Tanzania?

Tanzania is reputable for being a forerunner in the gambling industry in Africa. Two investment acts of 1992 and 1997 marked the start of authorized gambling in the country. They activated the recreational and tourism-related investment in addition to gambling in the East African nation.

The authorities came up with clear intentions to monitor the new industry more effectively. In 2003, there was the establishment of a legal body with the legislation of an act on gaming. The body monitors the industry and is in charge of the collection of taxes from gambling businesses. Additionally, it is responsible for the issuance of licenses to operators.

Despite the country having low internet penetration, it is relatively better than other countries in Africa. In 2014, the penetration was at 14.9%. The government’s liberal policy has seen online gambling flourish to a steady market. This East African country is among the few in the continent where online wagering is legal and regulated.

Tanzania flag

Online gambling platforms was the first site to have an official license from the Tanzanian authorities to run online gambling. It began its operations in 2013. The only downside is that it does not offer casinos games in the Swahili language. It is the prevalent language spoken in the East African country. Therefore, including this language in the site could have been of much significance to the betting enthusiasts. After the, more sites got into the market.

With a regulated market, there are many online betting sites in the country, including international companies like 1xBet . Players are free to choose where they would like to place their stakes. However, determining a genuinely reliable bookmaker online may be a challenge.

The government puts efforts in controlling the reliability and fairness of the casinos. But bettors can still find themselves trusting their funds at a fraudulent game provider. They usually promise substantial winnings to lure you but you get nothing at the end.

Online Poker

Most of the brick and mortar casinos with Tanzanian license provide their clients with different poker games. Additionally, their operations are lawful. Tanzanian who wishes to stake at overseas licensed online poker sites is free to do so without any fear of persecution. Poker sites in the country include 888 Poker. It has been in the industry for more than 15 years. They have pocketed numerous awards for emerging as the best poker site in the world. Others include the Titan Poker and Bet 365. They both give players a premium experience and amass huge traffic. Another excellent online poker site is the Black Chip Poker. All those among others are available in Tanzania.

Sports Betting

The largest population of punters in Tanzania finds sports betting as their favourite. The case is similar to most developing countries in Africa. Betting shops operate legally and with licenses across the country. Most of them operate under international companies but designed to fit the local market. There are only a few online bookmakers in the country, but they have a license to operate. In case a player wishes to play on a foreign platform, he or she is free to do so.


The national lottery was the only legal form of gambling in this country until around 1990s. It used to operate as per two lottery Acts one for 1967 and the other for 1974. As at the time of writing this review, no online platform is available in the country where players can access the national lottery. However, citizens are free to participate in foreign online lotteries.

Online Casino

Casino gambling in Tanzania is lawful. It runs under the regulations of the 2003 Gaming Act. The Gaming Board of Tanzania is responsible for issuing licenses to the operators. As at the time of this writing, the country has a total of eight casinos. The statistic is present on the official website of the GBT. Other than these casinos, you can also find casino-type games in smaller outlets and hotels. The authorities license them to run gaming machines such as slots and video poker.


The Gaming Act of 2003 also regulates firms that offer bingo games. However, it is rare to find casinos that provide the games or if there are halls that specifically offer these games in the country. Theoretically, online bingo sites can get a license from the authorities. However, you are not likely to find any bingo site that operates with an e-gaming license from Tanzanian regulators. Due to the legal aspect, Tanzanian punters are free to play on offshore online bingo platforms.

Player protection

If you stake at a Tanzanian licensed site, you can lodge any of your complaints with the Gaming Board. The body attends to all complaints and demands for investigations. The Gaming Board is very keen on protecting the interests of everyone in the industry from players to the operators. Besides, despite playing at offshore sites being completely legal, the government is also very serious in protecting players who bet on those sites.

The future of online gambling in Tanzania

The online gambling industry in Tanzania is on a growth trajectory. The environment is so lucrative and perfect for punters as well as the local and foreign operators. If there are any changes to expect, there are strong indicators that they will be positive. The economic situation is sophisticated, and internet penetration is moderate. However, best online casinos are available for players in the country.

According to research, more bettors in the country are moving to the use of mobile devices in browsing. It comes at a time when online mobile casinos are becoming more popular. There are great online casino sites where punters can access a selection of mobile slots.

Final Thoughts

Players who can access land-based casinos are lucky for they are protected and are participating in a legal activity. But all those benefits are equally available to punters who wish to stake at the comfort of their home. The country has plenty of online gambling sites thanks to its liberal policies.