Money Mania

Can saving become an addiction

Some of the people just got addicted to saving money. However, when spending becomes an addiction the saving is also like that. Some people are addicted to saving money is not be as inconceivable as it sounds. We all know the intense pleasure we get while we get impulsive purchase.

Like a way emotional, a psychological response that we get from purchase occurs when we make such saving in some kind of people. On certain experiments, they found that the same activity is witnessed when people made an impulsive purchase and when they experience significant saving.

Different types of savers

Money savers come from a variety of characteristics and they have different motivations for why they saving money. There a few more types of money savers. They are:


This type of characters is obsessed with saving money. Their joys are not belonging to any materials or goods, they experience joy in saving that money from consuming or spending. When most of us are happy on the consumption of money some of them are too different their happy is depends on saving the money.

Financial security is not a destination but a lifetime journey with a positive trajectory is important. Happy savers are independent and they don’t mind or concerned with social pressures to drive a costly car or to handle the latest gadgets.

saving become an addiction

The food accumulator

The simple logic behind this word is the more I buy and the more I save. It is no wonder that some people are turning into the big box consumers. Because the bulk orders will definitely have the bulk offers to be offered. But in reality, they incorrectly estimate their savings based on the cost per unit or cost per item. Bulk buyers always want to think about some of the things like;

Storage – Once you buy the groceries in bulk they fill the whole space of the house it will be the biggest problem.

Over-consumption – Due to bulk offers we buy the things in the bulk manner this leads to over-consumption of foods and may get you to the hospitals.

Extreme voucher collector

Another type of saving addiction is an extreme collection of coupons. The coupons and vouchers are widely published to improve their selling rates, it is one of the marketing strategies. Some of the coupons are justified because through that we can get some of the useable things on sale or discounts.

Shoppers who are got addicted to voucher collecting are frequently got discounts on detergents and some of the high calorie or high sugar-containing sports drinks or expired items in their coupons. This will spoil their body and again this too takes them to hospital.


This category contains lots of people, who are addicted to saving money. The tightwad is more afraid about spending money on something. This category people are so addicted to money-saving and they are no ready to spend money on their basic necessities.

Final lines

Nothing is wrong with having a money savings addiction. For people who want to accomplish their financial goals with extreme saving modes, a saving addiction can make to feel extremely rewarding.